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About Alang Ship Breaking Yard

About Alang

»  Ship-recycling industry serves the shipping industry by helping them to gain financial value of their zero-value vessels.
»  Ship-recycling industry reduces maritime burden of handling such incapable vessels.
»  Ship-recycling industry produces huge quantum of re-rollable steel without exploiting natural resources. Thus it saves non-replenishable natural resources and energy.
»  Ship-recycling industry recovers valuable machineries n equipments which are sold to various industries at cheap rates. Thus encourages the small scale industry by reducing their capital investment in machineries.
»  Ship-recycling industry recovers various household accessories and products like kitchen appliances, kitchen machinery, office and home furniture, photos, lamp shades, plastic buckets, toilet sets, bathroom fittings, mirrors of all dimensions, cupboards and sideboards, crockery and cutlery, flower pots and pot holders, used cables, steel pipes, nuts and bolts, screws, electric motors, bulbs and light fittings, wood, partition sheets. These recovered goods are used by local people as well as hotels n restaurants. The products are sold at very cheap price. Thus people with less income can avail better standard of life.
»  Ship-recycling industry serves the society by providing employment opportunity to thousands to workers hailing from various states of the country.
»  Ship-recycling industry provides raw material to many re-rolling mills located in various parts of the nation.
»  Ship-recycling industry provides business opportunity to shipping agents, cash buyers, ship brokers, marine traders and brokers, transporters, gas plants, etc.

Ship Recycling Industry provides balance to the steel sector of the nation. Western India does not have any source of steel generation except Alang Ship Recycling yard. Thus the industry saves a lot of transportation cost for the steel sector industries.