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Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety


The environment & safety is co- related with Occupational health when the job is laborers  job and workers directly come in contact with waste while dismantling.
The company has established and maintaining systems and procedures as per OHSAS 18000 and ISO 14001. The procedures and methods to be followed w.r.t. each ship dismantling are categorized in following three broad categories »  Prevention

»  Preparedness

»  Response

Under Prevention, following major procedures are adopted by the Shree Ram Group »  Detailed understanding/mapping of ships by technical team based on the drawings and ship plans. The company demands the max. Possible information related to ship from seller. The company is having an established list of minimum information need to be furnished or generated before the ship reaches alang.

»  Pre-assessment of ships prior to dismantling w.r.t. Presence of harmful materials, gases, chemicals, bilge etc. The company policy prefers to get the same done before anchorage or beaching.

»  Detailed assessment of ships or part of ships w.r.t. Harmful materials. This shall include the type, quantity, and characteristics of existing condition of the materials.

»  Detailed monitoring of working conditions in tanks and/or confined areas w.r.t. suspected gases, fumes or dusts and/or level of oxygen, entry and exit routes, connecting ways.

»  HR Policy for recruitment of personnel at Operator, supervisory and managerial grades. This shall include the policy of minimum qualification, policy for group insurance, PF etc.

Under Preparedness, following procedures are adopted by Shree Ram Group »  Identifying and grading risks based on the assessment study

»  Identifying, grading and marking of risk prone zones, decks and areas

»  Establishing checklists and procedures for safe removal, handling, transport, treatment and disposal of various hazardous materials, wastes, substances

»  Procedures and check lists for cleaning of tanks

»  Checklists for entry, operation and exit of employees in risk zones

»  Selection of employees and forming of teams for various tasks

»  Establishing resource needs in terms of PPE’s, monitoring instruments, and utilities and back up facilities.

»  Training of teams for various tasks and developing competence

»  Checking the

»  Mock drills

»  Preparation of complete dismantling plans including all above items and submit the same for technical review and legal permissions.

»  Furnishing all required information to concerned authorities and getting all legal permissions/licenses.

»  Developing infrastructures if required specific to any ship type or size additionally for ensuring safe dismantling of ship.

»  Preparation of ship specific on site emergency plan and get the same approved by competent agency.

»  Setting Food consumption patterns for specific task teams if required and ensuring the compliance with the same.

Under Response, following procedures and methods adopted by Shree Ram Group. »  Formation of internal audit team (specific to ship and reporting to Technical Director of the company) and assign them the responsibility of ensuring entire dismantling as per dismantling plan. The team comprises of experienced and qualified professional at various levels.

»  Monitoring, measurement in various zones and areas

»  Removal, handling, storage, transport, treatment and disposal of harmful materials as per set procedures.

»  Reviewing dismantling plan against actual execution w.r.t. resource utilization, competence of employees, risk levels, time requirements and make changes and modifications, wherever required.

»  Tracking the health of employees through routine medical check ups and maintaining track records

The management has taken proactive steps for protecting the health of employees from handling of Asbestos. The technical team of the company along with M/s GEPIL (Gujarat Enviro Protection and Infrastructure Limited); an experienced and reputed front line Environment Infrastructure Company of India has undergone detailed training in France on Safe Removal of Asbestos from ships as per French/European regulations. The company has also entered into long term agreement with GEPIL for Detailed Assessment, safe removal and management of Asbestos Containing Materials for special concern ships. The company has also having a permanent agreement with GEPIL for all kind of issues related to Environment, Health and Safety for all types of ships dismantled at group companies of M/s Shree Ram Group.

The complete set up i.e. Enclosure systems, storage systems for Safe Removal of Asbestos has been set up on the yards and the equipments, instruments and trained work force have been in place for erection, commissioning and decommissioning of enclosures on board of ships. 

Qualification, training and skills testing for workers of Shree Ram Group

      Workers are assigned and only perform work for which they have the required level of skills, knowledge and training. all workers, including contractors and their workers, and casual workers, day labour and migrant workers, are:

(a) Sufficiently educated and trained in the tasks they are assigned to and possess the relevant skills certificates;

(b) Suitably instructed in the hazards connected with their work and environment, as well as trained in the precautions necessary to avoid accidents and injuries to health;

(ac) Made aware of the relevant laws, regulations, requirements, codes of practice, instructions and advice relating to prevention of accidents and diseases;

(d) Informed of their individual and collective responsibility for safety and health;

(e) Sufficiently instructed in the correct use and effects of PPE and its appropriate care, and have training made available to them, as appropriate.

The required level of skill and knowledge are defined and objectively assessed through skills testing leading to certification by an authorized body recognized by the competent authority. This procedure is integrated with formal training or conducted at the worksite.