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Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Shree Ram Group’s units of ship recycling have obtained the RINA’s (an international based) certification ISO: 9001:2008 (this certificate is issued for maintain "Quality Management System"), ISO 140001:2004 (this certificate is issued for maintain “Environment Management System”) & OHSAS 18001:2007 (this certificate is issued for "'Occupational Health & Safety Aspect System").

Shree Ram Group Units provide Personal Protection Equipments (PPE’S) to their workers; according to type of job they are engaged.

Shree Ram Group’s Technical Executive and supervisor staff has also taken training to manage and to dispose off hazardous wastes from JMC Environment, France. , our field Executives are trained by them for Asbestos and other hazardous waste Handling


Shree Ram Group Units have adopted as working practice the “Plan of Hazardous Waste” originated by the GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD (A Government Agency to regulate and look after the protection of Environment and management of Hazardous Waste).

Shree Ram Group Units are member of the GUJARAT ENVIRO AND INFRASTRUCTURE LTD., (GEPIL) (A Agency managed by Environment Engineers for handling, disposing and managing hazardous waste at land fill site). They have developed and operates “Integrated Common Hazardous wastes Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility” (ICHWTSDF) at four places in the country. The TSDF site developed by the Gujarat Maritime Board, (Government of Gujarat Undertaking) at Alang is also managed and operated by “GEPIL”.

Shree Ram Group units get their worker’s health checked, regularly and keep the history record. Shree Ram Group Units get their workers Insured for any disability during the work due to any unforeseen accident.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) delegation visited to appraise the working of Alang Ship Recycling Yards, standard of working condition and various facilities provided to workers. The delegation praised working of Shree Ram Group, in their comments.

“Green” ship recycling operations includes

»  Operational planning

»  General preventive and protective measures

»  Management of hazardous substances

»  Measures against physical hazards

»  Measures against biological hazards

»  Ergonomic and psychosocial hazards

»  Safety requirement for tools, machines and equipment

»  Competence and training

»  Personal protective equipment and clothing

»  Contingency and emergency preparedness

»  Special protection

»  Welfare

Occupational safety-health & Environment policy

Methods and procedures implemented to protect Workers Health and Safety at Work

The OSHE policy for the ship breaking facilities are not specified in the national laws but as per guide line of Hon’ble Supreme Court high power committee this should include, as a minimum, the following key principles and objectives to which the facility is committed:


(a) Management commitment to, and leadership of, the occupational safety, health and environmental programmers’;

(b) Recognizing OSHE as an integral part of the overall management structure and OSHE performance as an integral part of the facility’s business performance;

(c) Protecting the safety and health of all members of the facility by preventing work-related injuries and diseases, ill health and incidents;

(d) Complying with relevant OSHE national laws and regulations, voluntary programmers’, collective agreements on OSHE and other requirements to which the facility subscribes;

(e) Ensuring that workers and their representatives are consulted and encouraged to participate actively in all elements of the OSHE management system; and

(f) Continual improvement of the performance of the OSHE management system.